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Electro medical

The electro medical devices evolve more and more in terms of communication. Wireless Wi-Fi technology  is definitely the one that is proving more successfull.

The functions introduced on the new devices are

  • configuration and setting of the operating parameters,
  • transfer of diagnosed values in  form of data, images and video,
  • monitoring of the parameters of the device maintenance.

There are many advantages in using Wi-Fi connectivity for medical devices.

First of all, Wi-Fi is now widespread, especially in medical facilities, therefore there is no need of special provisions for these kind of infrastructures.

Then, the use of standard TCP/IP protocol, as opposed to proprietary protocols, enables the monitors or servers to be present anywhere – within the premises on the LAN, or at any remote location via the internet.

Finally, unlike some alternatives such as Zigbee or Bluetooth, WLAN provides a longer range, higher throughput, and with the right implementation, a better energy efficiency. In particular, the 802.11n WLAN offers the advantages of range, throughput performance and interoperability, and is an ideal solution for these applications due to network upgrades over time.

Title of application Description
Data transmission and control on electromedical systems (UART) A Compact-S has been integrated into a new control system on electromedical machine, to introduce wi-fi functionalities. OEM develops a application to see diagnostic video and control systems. As usual an "ad-hoc" password is used to protected the wi-fi connection.
Data transmission and control on electromedical systems (UART)  Application under constraint NDA.