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Wi-Fi Sensors

screen-dashboardLow-power, low cost Wiicom Wi-Fi modules can change the landscape of wireless sensor networks. Wi-Fi sensors are able to autonomously connect to common, widely available wireless network infrastructure.

Wi-Fi sensor data is sent over standard TCP/IP making their information anywhere in the world from any computer or smartphone.

Wiicom modules offer long battery life and operate even in multi-vendor environments.

Data captured from sensors is directly acquired by Compact Wi-Fi module, and sent to the main server. Our central software system fits all requirements of data collection: it’s able archive and organize a lot of data and represents them in graphical way.


Compact-S with Weather Station

Wi-Fi Modules Image Description


CO2-Wifi-Kit CO2-WiFi-Kit is a bundle designed to transmit environmental CO2 (Carbon dioxide) values, over an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi network. Kit is composed by: 1 Compact-S-UART module with a custom firmware; 1 Sense Air Engine CO2 sensor, 1 Wiicom Kit-Power-Sensor; 1 data cable; 1 power cable
Th-WiFi-I2C-Kit th-Wifi-i2c-Kit ThWiFi-I2C-Kit  is a bundle designed to transmit environmental values of temperature and humidity over a 802.11 b /g / n Wi-Fi network. Kit is composed by: 1 Compact-I2C module; 1 Sensirion SHT20 sensor; 1 Kit-Power-Sensor, 1 data cable; 1 power cable.