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Smart Factory

smartIn order to compete in efficiency and sustainability, the factory of the future will be Smart. Wireless technologies help to make a smart factory, first of all Wi-Fi technologies, which is the most widely used wireless technology standard today in Factories.

Until today it was uneconomical to control a production process in detail due to too high wiring costs and the need to integrate heterogeneous systems. Now, instead, with Wi-Fi wireless technology it is possible to drastically reduce costs.

Thanks to the standard TCP -IP, the information passes from the machine to the factory departmental network with little effort. The information can even travel on the Internet if enabled to do so (IoT : Internet of Things) .

In addition, the “cut -wire ” is a concept that meets very well with that of sustainability in the factory. Hence the concept of Machine to Machine (M2M ), for which two heterogeneous machines, which previously did not speak or spoke through cable now communicate with each other by interchanging information and commands via Wi-Fi.