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OEMs, Original Equipment Manufacturers

engineRecently many OEMs have started to adopt wireless Wi-Fi standards as the basis to their products and the market has started to grow exponentially.

Wiicom modules are complete and fully certified and offers a quick, easy and cost effective solution to OEMs to enable Wi-Fi connectivity into their systems.The COMPACT’s family modules are an ideal solution for OEMs that have a limited expertise in radio frequency (RF) and are designed to help reduce development time, the difficulties of designing and improving time-to-market in those systems where Wi-Fi is an added value.

Wiicom Compact embedded modules are useful to hardware designers who want to remote the serial communication of their electronic device using Wi-Fi. Wiicom modules are suitable both in the initial phase of the design and in industrialization phase because they can be used for retrofitting. Finally, the Compact modules are very useful for presenting a prototype with Wi-Fi capabilities, as they provide immediate feedback.

We strongly believe in the innovativeness of our technology and its usefulness for the OEM that consider technological innovation a cornerstones value​​. Wiicom Wi-Fi solutions allow OEMs to think big, opening promising new channels to market and enabling it to effectively and innovatively compete with other OEMs.