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Design Support

Wiicom is now making its Wi-Fi expertise available to the wider world electronics industry. Using its IP and experience in compact and robust systems for control and monitoring of electronics as a starting point Wiicom offers an unrivalled Wi-Fi product research, product development and product manufacturing consultancy service.
A client can choose to entrust Wiicom with the entire design process or to employ Wiicom’s skills and capabilities to complement its own in-house design and development team in a particular part(s) of the design process.

A typical client engagement involves:

  • Concept phase: Technological and engineering expertise are combined in a presentation to satisfy the client of Wiicom’s ability to exceed project expectations.
  • Feasibility phase: Wiicom ensures that the technical specifications arrived at fully conforms with the client’s goals and the needs of the market.
  • Prototype phase: Pre-production models are assembled and tested, ensuring that all relevant EMI and safety standards are fully complied with, before β-samples are produced for client and endcustomer(s) evaluation.
  • Production phase: Wiicom establishes the optimum production/assembly process and if required, advises on the use of automatic test equipment.

At all times a Wiicom client can be confident that the company is absolutely committed to delivering the experienced and trusted technological support needed to arrive at the highest quality end product.