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Pneumatic Flex Tool Control

PFTC is a the objectifying system for pneumatic tools.

Applicable as a retrofit on pneumatic tools:

  • Clamping Machines
    World Class Manufacturing grade objectivation for the steel hose clamps fixed by pneumatic tools.
  • Riveters for Blind Rivets
    Monitoring of the force applied in fixing rivets in industry 4.0. Counting and discrimination of the correct positioning of blind rivets.
  • Threaded Inserts Machine
    Insert positioning can be monitored with graphics and OK-NOT OK smart user-interface for a single operation.

Innovative System

Wiicom’s PFTC is an innovative system for pneumatic work tool objectivation. The system is equipped with a touch screen display, with an intuitive graphic interface for the configuration settings and work cycle management. The PFTC can be connected via Wi-Fi to an existent network or can be used as a hotspot, creating his own network (infrastructure), in order to manage the data communication. The PFTC can be also connected via Ethernet through the network installed in the plant.


The retrofit can be done on every existing pneumatic tool and it provides an accurate and punctual monitoring of the air pressure, through its electromechanics sensor system developed by Wiicom. PFTC is compatible, flexible and highly integrated with all pneumatic tools. The retrofit allows all machine reuse without any modifications of the pneumatic tools already in place, ensuring significant savings.

Real Time Monitoring

PFTC’s advanced and highly configurable software is able to get a real time control over all operations performed by the tool and all outcomes. The operations that can be edited and set by the operator via software/display and the system can be selected between three different automation levels.

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