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SAVE Verona 2015

save_quadratoThe 27 and 28 October, 2015 Wiicom exhibit its products at SAVE Verona 2015, the fair dedicated to automation.

SAVE is a conference and exhibition solutions and vertical applications of Automation, Instrumentation, Sensors now in its eighth edition, which combines an exhibition with an educational component.

Save Verona will present the latest news about:

  • DCS, PLC, industrial PC
  • Fieldbus communication protocols
  • Control panel and regulators for the measurement, control and prevention of plants, processes and machines
  • SCADA, Remote Control and technological networks
  • Sensors, transducers, transmitters, recorders, displays
  • Servomechanisms and automatic valves
  • Systems and Solutions for Motion Control (SAF)
  • Systems and solutions for factory automation (SAF)
  • Systems for the processing of data and for the control of process
  • Software for the industry: management, production, applications and technological developments
  • Electronic instrumentation and measurement test for production, maintenance, research and laboratory
  • Electronic instrumentation for control and production safety
  • Electronic instrumentation for telecom and networking
  • Instruments and apparatus for measuring and controlling